Sunday, July 20, 2008

Buttfuck in the shower

As he rinses off under the water I take his cock in his hands, "oh yes," is his response. I lean over and slide his cock past my lips and into my mouth. Water running over my face as I take his cock all the way to the back of my throat. I reach up to massage his balls and press his my finger against his asshole. His response is electric as he starts to pump my face, I smile teasingly as I stop sucking his cock. I turn around in and present him with my ass.

He leans over me and starts to massage my breasts and I reach down to rub my swollen clit. I pull one of his hands down to the hard little button. He likes knowing he can do this to me, making me hot for his cock. He pulls back and sets himself up to enter my pussy from behind, he slides in effortlessly. I put one foot up on the edge of the tub to allow for better access. He presses his thumb into my ass, mmmmmmmmmm this is so good for me. I want him in my ass and tell him so. He works my ass with his fingers a bit to relax and loosen me up so he can just slide his cock home when he enters me. Soon I feel the tip of his cock at my tight hole pushing it's way deep inside me. "Fuck, you are so tight," he moans as he starts to pump his cock hard and fast, then slow and easy.

"Oh, baby that's the spot, it feels so good," I cry out, "I want you to empty your load in my ass." He starts fucking hard and fast again, "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww I"m gonna cum baby!"

"I want every drop in my ass, let me have it all!!!" I scream as I feel my own orgasm start deep inside my body. He can feel my orgasm start, he can't hold out any longer and with one final thrust, pumps his load into my ass.

We let the water run over us as our bodies calm down from our awesome encounter and our breathing returns to normal.

Wife gets fucked in the butt

I was getting turned on watching her pussy lips twitching. I remember the whole area was so wet. I got out from under her and she collapsed onto the bed. She was wet and began to feel cold and Anne asked me to lay on top of her to keep her warm. I did so and felt my semi erect cock press in between her wet cheeks of her behind. Anne actually enjoyed the secure feeling of my body pressed against her and the feeling of my cock pressing against her made her wriggle and accept my placement. I began to move slowly against her, being so slippery and wet it felt great.

Anne began to enjoy the stimulation. She opened her legs apart and began to move herself - sort of just pushing back against me. I whispered to her that it felt great just pressing against her and not penetrating. I began to moan as the feeling was sensational. Anne feeling my hardness increasing was obliging me to come a second time. She began to really push harder against her. Her movements were deliberate and I felt her hand at the base of my cock and felt her push me against her and felt my tip feel like it was going inside her. My cock was covered in my come from the first orgasm and it felt like I had entered her pussy but then I heard Anne call out for me to "Fuck her ass" and she moved against me and I realised where I was. Heaven.

Anne had taken over the movements as I almost froze, I didn't want to hurt her. My cock was not entirely hard and not to its usual size so it was all working. Anne was actually enjoying the feelings. I reached around and began to place my hand over her pussy opening and began to rub her soaked lips. My cock was now going in and out with ease and I could feel myself building up for a second orgasm. Anne called out "Fuck me Alex Fuck my arse" this was the last thing I had heard before I let go and came a second time. I could feel the spurts leap out of my cock and feel them splatter inside Anne.

First time anal fucking

I lube three fingers and move them to her. I remind her to push out if it hurts, and I insert them. There is only a little resistance, but she is now feeling stretched and full. I continue to stroke inside her for a few minutes while rubbing her clit with the fingers of my other hand.

"Are you ready darling?"


"Remember, this may hurt, relax and push against me and we will see how it goes"


With her brown bottom raised on the cushion, I kneel behind her, hold the head of my well lubricated penis against her arsehole, and slowly push it in. My manhood passes the opening, but then there is resistance. I feel her stiffen with the sensation of the extra size, twice as big as three fingers or maybe even bigger.

"Remember to relax and push against me."

I slowly press forward and then stop, waiting for her body to start relaxing. I hear her moan a little; this isn't what she expected. The burning subsides and she can feel her rear entrance wrapped tight round me.

As she relaxes, I push a little more, each time gaining a few millimetres until, eventually, I am deeply buried right inside her.

"Are you alright darling?"

"Yes, I didn't think it would be like this"

"I am going to slowly withdraw and start again"

I slowly pull myself out of her tight hole; looking down I am amazed how big I am. The extra arousal has swollen my penis to a gigantic size. I pull about half way out, and then slowly push in again. Julie is still a little tense, and now needs to get used to the changing sensation of the very slow thrusts.

For me, the feeling is indescribable. Her arse is so hot, and so unbelievably tight. And not at all uncomfortable; the trick will be to last long enough without cumming too early. As well as slowly pushing in again, I squeeze my own PC muscle to slow the build up of sexual tension and help me last the distance.

I continue to stroke slowly, feeling her arse relaxing with each stroke. Julie has other ideas, she, reaches between her legs and starts to rub herself. Once she starts to stimulate herself, things become easier, I am able to thrust a little faster while she is rubbing herself towards orgasm.

Never vocal during sex, I am surprised with "Oh, that feels so wonderful!"